10 tips to get a summer beach body like Zac Effron in Baywatch

Summer 2018 is here! The time when we stop overindulging in the comfort foods of winter months and start working on a sexier physique that is perfect for summer.

Summer calls for trips to the beach and barbecues with friends – times when will be wearing more revealing clothes making it harder to hide the extra pounds you packed on whether a man or women. 

To help you get your body ready for summer 2018 this article will give you 10 key tips to prepare as efficiently as possible for achieving your ultimate beach body!

1. Zac Effron reached 5% Bodyfat in 12 weeks but trying To Lose Weight this Fast is not recommended..

zac effron beach body

For many people who have gained a lot of excess weight, fast weight loss is all they can think about but just bear in mind that Zac Effron was ripped before he even started training for Baywatch (check him out in the movie ‘Neighbours’) so he had a great baseline physique to build on. The problem, however, is that fast weight loss is not always beneficial and often leads to excessive weight gain afterwards1. Instead of focusing on losing weight as fast as possible, consider implementing positive lifestyle changes that include better dietary choices and more physical exercise – in the long run, this will have benefits for both your body weight and your health.

2. Diet like Zac Effron to get the ultimate beach body

As most people know you cannot out train a terrible diet! Zac Effron used a combination of supersets and a very low carbohydrate paleo style diet. The Paleo diet is all about eating like our ancestors. The focus is on eating natural foods low in carbs and rich in lean protein and plant foods (more info here on paleo diet).

At First Physique we like the carb cycling concept which is about varying your carbohydrate intake to be higher and lower depending on the activities on a given day. For example on a day in the gym doing strength training look to up your carbohydrate intake (focus on complex type). On another day with no training or minimal exercise reduce down your carb levels. 

A lot of people think that simply going on a diet is enough to help them drop some weight and get back into shape in time for summer, but diet alone does not work without the right type of exercise program. For effective results, a combination of both exercise and diet needs to be implemented2. This will reduce adipose tissue and provide improvements in body composition.

3. Workout like Zac Effron with Supersets and HIIT training

Zac Effron used supersetting to great affect which involves doing two different exercises back to back with no rest period leading to the ultimate pump and burning more calories. Another great way to exercise is using HIIT workouts, also known as High-Intensity Intermittent Training which involves short sessions of high-intensity exercises. Numerous scientific studies have proven this approach to be beneficial for multiple factors. One particular study3 notes that HIIT workouts helps to reduce body fat, improves insulin resistance, and even enhances skeletal muscle strength.

One key component to effective workouts is quality gym gear at First Physique we have a real passion for quality durable gym gear including leather gloves, neoprene belts, wrist wraps and lifting straps to cover all key workouts.

4. Variety Is Key – Mix Up Your Workouts like Zac Effron

The same workout every single day of your life can become boring and cause you to lose your motivation. For best results, it is important to mix things up whenever you can. Zac Effron did use conventional weights during his preparation for Baywatch but also did Ninja Warrior styled workouts! This does not mean you have to completely change what you are doing – if you are focusing on your abs, for example, simply look at different types of exercises.Zac effron vs Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson tyre flipping contest




One evening after filming Zac Effron and Dwayne ‘the rock’ Johnson had a tyre flipping contest as a great variation on their usual training. First Physique has a new product called TufNut which is a more versatile version of the tyre used and provides an awesome workout. Wants some other ideas? Check out our versatile sandbag to carry your way to a leaner physique. 

5. Mixing Cardio And Strength Training Workouts

Trying to get in shape, become fit and maintain your health takes different types of physical activity. Focusing on fat loss does not mean you should only focus on cardiovascular exercise, just as focusing on building muscle mass does not mean you should only participate in strength training workout sessions. A balanced combination of these workout types will give you the best results.

Zac Effron’s workout included a 3 day split of weight lifting major body parts; back and biceps on day one, shoulders, chest and arms on the second and legs on the third.

6. Flexible Workouts At The Gym, Home Or Work

We are all faced with busy schedules, but that does not mean you cannot make time to get in some physical exercise on a daily basis. There are many ways you can make your schedule work to your advantage. No time to go to the gym? Try to do a workout at home – there are many courses and workouts you can download on the internet. Take a jog or even just a walk in your lunch break at work. These are only some examples – a little creativity and you’ll quickly discover that the possibilities are endless.

7. Stretching And Flexibility To Improve Your Workouts

Finish your workout sessions with a few stretches (research suggests stretching post workout has better results) and some exercises that focuses on improving your flexibility. These techniques can greatly help to reduce muscle recovery time after you have participated in both strength training and cardiovascular activities, and also help to reduce the risk of suffering an injury after your training routine. Check out our foam roller to help with your muscle stretching post work-out.

8. Stop Worrying About Your Abs

When you hit 5% body fat like Zac Effron did in Baywatch then your abs are going to show. A lot of people, with men being a prime suspect here, tend to focus so much on building their abs that they forget about the importance of other exercises. Instead of only focusing on your abs and doing too many sit-ups, rather focus on core exercises like pilates or yoga (check out our Yoga Mat). Heavy weight lifting exercises such as deadlifts/squats also utilise your abs to stabilise the body.

9. Monitor Your Progress With The Best Fitness Apps

You need to keep on top of your game and monitoring your progress becomes essential if you wish to know how well you are doing. You can opt for a pen and paper to keep track of everything, but this can become difficult. Instead, rather try to opt for a fitness app that will help you stay on top of your performance. Try out Freeletcis, Sworkit, Pact, or the Nike+ Training Club app. All of these apps are available on both iOS and Android devices, and most of them can be downloaded for free.

10. Optimise And Tweak Your Way To Great Results

Finally, you need to optimise your program and make some tweaks if you really want to have the perfect body by summer. This can become difficult if you are not yet experienced in the areas of diet and exercise for improvements in body composition, which is why approaching a personal trainer can be a helpful option if you want to take a more personalised approach. This would not only allow you to obtain a more personalised training program, but also a diet that takes your needs and goals into account. Keeping your body guessing is critical to improvements so try to switch up your workouts every week.


As summer draws closer, millions are seeking ways they can get rid of excess fat and achieve that Zac Effron “beach body” look that everyone desires so much. In 2018 why not make a positive change in your life – instead of aiming just for a slender (or masculine) physique during the summer months, rather decide to adopt a healthier lifestyle and experience longer term benefits in the process.


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