First Physique launches new 2017 range of Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps and Wrist Straps

First Physique has launched a new and exciting range of weight lifting wrist support straps and wraps for men and women. 

2017 Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps

First Physique has launched two new elasticated wrist wraps with 'heavy' and 'super heavy' options. Heavy are our strong wrist wraps suitable for general wrist support for all key pressing movements bench press for example. The wrist wraps wrap tightly round your wrist allowing key support when lifting heavier weights. Heavy wrist wraps come in 12", 18" and 24" lengths. These wrist wraps are ideal for beginner and intermediate Strength Training, Bodybuilding and CrossFit.

Super heavy wrist wraps are our maximum support wraps ideal for bodybuilders and strongman training. The wraps include our stiffest elasticated material. They are available in 12" and 24" lengths.

Both of our weight lifting wrist wraps include reinforced stitching and extended velcro sections for additional grip.

2017 Weight Lifting Wrist Straps

First Physique has also launched extra long lifting straps in 23" and 25" lengths. The wraps include gel dots for extra grip. Weight lifting straps are designed to provide additional grip for popular lifting exercises such as deadlifts or pulling exercises such as seated rows.

We have developed the weight lifting wrist straps with super strong cotton material and re-inforced stitching to ensure the straps can withstand the toughest workouts.