Free Gym Passes & Membership Deals for January 2019

Welcome to 2019 from the First Physique team!

It's that time of year again when new years resolutions collide with excess eating over the 2018 Christmas and New Year festive period. In this article we check out the top gym pass offers for January 2019. In 2018 we wrote an article about getting the most out of your gym membership and this still stands today.

Scary Fact - most of you who sign-up to a gym this month will only go a few times and then not go again for the rest of the year...

Please do not make this costly mistake check out the gym first with a free gym pass (see below) and if you're not sure do not commit to longer term 12 month contracts try a pay as you go gym where you just give a month's notice.

Free Gym Pass Deals in January 2019:

  1. DW Fitness First - Click this this link for a Free 3 Day gym pass. DW Fitness First has 120 gym all over the UK. Click this link to see if there is a gym near you.
  2. Anytime Fitness - Click this link for a Free 3 or 1 Day Gym Pass. Anytime Fitness has over 160 gyms in the UK.
  3. Xercise4Less - has a 5 day free gym pass available. This is a gym chain with gym concentrated in the North of England. 
  4. PayasUgym - offer pay as you go gym passes from gyms all over the UK to offer maximum flexibility. This is a really good option if you want to test out a gym without getting into a contract.

 Cheap Membership Deals for January 2019:

  1. Pure Gym - are offering 50% off first month and £0 joining fee if you sign up on-line via this link. Pure Gym offers over 230 gyms country wide with cheap membership deals from £14.99 per month. 
  2. Virgin Active - have a deal for January including no joining fee and no membership fee for January.
  3. David Lloyd - whilst no one can call David Lloyd cheap they do have a 3 month membership option

The Gym Membership Joining Fee Trick

January is the biggest month for gyms in terms of membership so it is a good time to bag a great deal. Gyms charge a 'joining fee' which is just a great way for gyms to make money each month.

In negotiating for your gym membership always ask them to waive this fee and in January there is more likely to be wiggle room with this. If you can ask for the first month free. The most important thing is not to be afraid to ask. Sometimes a good deal can be had by waiting until the end of the month when there can be more pressure for gym to hit sales numbers so they are keen to get in some final 'deals'!

In Conclusion...

There are some great deals this month to get you going to your 2019 fitness goals! Whatever option you choose we have a range of gym gear and gym equipment to support from leather weight lifting gloves to yoga mats! For inspiration and to see our gear in action check us out on instagram!