Top 5 tips when joining a gym in 2018

Are you looking to join a gym in 2018? You are not alone in January 2017 379,000 joined the Gym Group a UK fitness chain. The first few months in the new year (particularly january) are the busiest times for joining a gym with a strong desire to burn off some of the excess from Christmas!

At First Physique our team has extensive experience working in gyms and being members of different gym chains. In this article we have looked at the top 5 tips when joining a gym.

1. Work out your Fitness Goals

Before stepping foot in any fitness establishment work our what your goal is; lose weight, tone up, pack on muscle, prep for your summer holiday...what ever it is work it out as this impacts what kind of gym you need. If you are completely fresh you can get a personal trainer to devise a programme for you.

2. Choose the right Gym by Shortlisting

Once you have worked out your goals make sure whatever gym you are looking at match this. British Military Fitness offer outdoor session which has many benefits so not all gyms have to be indoors. If you need the full works check out David Lloyd for classes, tennis courts and swimming pool. Most people are after decent gym and good range of classes and on this basis there are a tonne of options from your local leisure centre, Fitness First, Puregym, Anytime and Virgin Active. Shortlist 2-3 to visit.

3. Get a Free Trial Before you Join Up

Once you have found 2-3 gyms you want to check out call them up and ask for a free guest pass. This will a) get you a few free gym sessions and b) enable you to scope the facilities. Turn up at the times you intend to train and see if you can get a parking space and access to any machines! Check to see if you can book onto the classes you want. If you can't get a free trial check out payasugym to buy a day pass.

4. Get the best deal when joining the Gym

There a wide range of gym chains in the UK with different offering some offer a contract with a minimum initial term (e.g. 12 months) and others operate on a pay as you go basis. Once you decide which one is for you consider below:

  1. Stick to the Plan: Check what facilities you actually need. Just sign-up for what you are going to use. This includes when looking for a family option.
  2. Check the Details: Understand the pricing in terms of any joining fee and then monthly cost. £50 a month doesn't sound too bad but this is £600 if you sign-up for a minimum 12 month contract.
  3. Minimum Contract Period: Check for any minimum commitment period before you can cancel e.g. 12 months and then 1 month's notice to cancel.
  4. Cancellation: Understand the process to cancel and make sure this is clear i.e. email the membership controller on an email address before your monthly direct debit date etc.
  5. Timing - consider looking to join near the end of the month when gym & the membership sales teams need to hit targets. Joining fees are often negotiable so asked for these to be removed or heavily discounted.
  6. Walk away - If you are not getting what you want ask the gym to call you back and walk away, you are likely to get a call if the timing is right!

5. When you finally Join...

When you actually get the right gym and the best deal and finally get in for your first session don't worry about the following:

  1. How you look compared to everyone else - there will always be someone in better shape, fitter faster etc. 
  2. Don't waste your Money on Rubbish Gym Gear - First Physique has a great range of quality gym gear.
  3. Muscle men giving you tips - just smile and move on 50% of this will most probably be wrong.
  4. Super competitive girls - these are the uber achievers who have to win at everything they do in all aspects of their life. Just focus on your own goals.
  5. Gym changing room weirdo's - when sharing changing facilities you will find that people have very different concepts of personal space and personal hygiene. Don't hang about just get changed and jog on...

We hope this helps but if we have missed anything here just let us know! Remember register your email now for further insider fitness tips, deals and discounts.