Top 5 Best Kettlebell Weights for Sale in 2019

First Physique is a home gym equipment expert and we have reviewed the top 5 best kettlebells available for sale in the UK currently to ensure you make the right decision. We have reviewed key brands including Amazon, Wolverson, Jordan Fitness, Bodymax and Ironmaster. We have considered all levels in compiling this from beginners to advanced Kettlebell users. We have focused on quality Kettlebells and have thus excluded vinyl Kettlebells.

Top 5 Best Kettlebell Weights Ranked:

We ranked the top 5 best kettlebells by considering value for money, existing reviews, ease of use and quality/durability.

1. Bodymax Men's Cast Kettlebell Black (4kg – 32kg) - From £7.99 from Amazon

As you would expect from Bodymax this is a no fills but good quality Kettlebell made from solid cast iron. With prices starting from just £7.99 for 4kg up to £57.94 for the top weight of 32kg. Good option for starting out for home gym use with racks available if storage is required.

BodyMax Kettlebells




 Great Price

Tough and Durable

 Up to 32kgs available

 Basic handle may require gloves

 Basic looks

2. AmazonBasics cast iron Kettlebell (4 - 16kg) - From £9.99 from Amazon

No frills Kettlebell from Amazon make a good starter option for men (16/18kg) and women (6/8kg) looking to get started with Kettlebell exercises. Made of cast iron it is tough and includes corrosion protection if left in damp places like home gyms in garages! A lack of weight above 20kg makes this more limited for more experienced users who want higher weights. The 4kg is £9.99 up to 16kg which is £24.99.

Amazon Basics Cast Iron Kettlebell




 Low Price

Tough and Durable

 Great Starter Option

 Limited top end weight - 16kg

 Basic handle may required gloves

3. Wolverson Colour Cast Iron Kettlebell (8kg - 32kg) From £17 - £77 from Wolverson Fitness

Wolverson Fitness have created a premium quality Kettlebell with some great features including the super smooth bare metal handle which is hand finished (and the best amongst the Kettlebells we reviewed). This should protect the hand much more than standard cast iron kettlebells which can have rough handles. This should also mean less slip when using the Kettlebells. Wolverson have Kettlebell sets and competition level Kettlebells also available.

Woverson Fitness Cast Iron Kettlebell




 Large Smooth Handle

 Stable Base

 Up to 32kgs available

 More Expensive

 Mixed Colours

4. Jordan Neoprene Rubber Covered Kettlebell (4kg - 40kg) - From £13.80 - £138 from First Physique

Jordan Fitness are UK brand with a reputation for making quality gym equipment at competitive prices. The entry level kettlebell is cheaper than Wolverson's equivalent but what is great is the Jordan Fitness offer weights up to 40kg (higher than any other kettlebells here). This version has a neoprene rubber cover which is also great for minimising any damage if dropped in your home gym. Jordan Fitness have Kettlebell sets and competition level Kettlebells available also.

Jordan Neoprene Kettlebell




 Smooth - Wide Handle

 Tough Neoprene Cover

 Up to 40kg's available

 Higher Price

 Mixed Colours

5. Quicklock Adjustable Kettlebell - 10kg up to 36kg - £259 from Ironmaster UK

We included the Quicklock Adjustable Kettlebell as an interesting choice for use in your home gym. This is great for more advanced users as it has 10kg up to 36kg of weight which can be changed via the locking mechanism. This means this is a great space saver as a set of kettlebells normally would take up a fair amount of space (and need a rack potentially). The downside is it can be fiddly to adjust the weights and not as quick in a kettlebell workout if you wanted to use different weights consecutively versus having seperate kettlebells.

Quick Lock Kettlebell         



 Great Space Saver

 Changeable Weight

 Up to 36kgs available

 Fiddly to change weight

 Basic Handle

Why buy Kettlebells and what are the benefits?

Kettlebells are a great bit of gym equipment which are simple to store (and thus great for a home gym), versatile to use across a range of exercises including swing, snatch and deadlift and ideal for men and women of all ages and strengths. Used properly they can be used to develop all muscle groups particularly arms, shoulders, bum and all leg muscles.

What are the Best Kettlebell Exercises? 

To answer this we have included a great video from Joe Wickes (AKA The Body Coach) showing a beginner workout using kettlebells.

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