Premium Hip Circle Resistance Band

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First Physique has launched our latest product for 2019 our premium hip circle resistance band. As with all our products we have battle tested this hip resistance band to ensure it will withstand the kind of work outs our customers like to do. This band is suitable for men and women and comes in two sizes (medium and large).

MULTIPLE RESISTANCE WORKOUTS - Our band supports a range of key workouts to activate and strengthen glutes (a.k.a - booty/butt/bottom!), hips and thigh muscles. Can be used across a range of exercises including squats and glute bridges to create a strong and toned lower physique. 

HEAVY DUTY STRONG MATERIAL - This resistance loop is elasticated with a higher level of tension than other bands on the market. It is very strong so it can be stretched without fear of ripping or snapping. Like all our products we have an absolute focus on quality to ensure our customers get value over time.

NON SLIP - This resistance band has a rubber strip on the inside to hold the band in position and enable the performance of resistance moves to strengthen the hips, thighs and glutes.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO CARRY - You can fold the hip circle so it can easily fit in any gym bag and can be used anywhere including at home, your workplace or the gym.

PREVENT & REDUCE INJURY - Our hip resistance band can be used by men and women to develop strong hip abductors and thigh muscles which can help improve other exercises such as Pilates, Yoga, CrossFit and Strength Training moves like squats. It is also great for rehabilitation after lower body injuries.

Get the Right Size....

We have two sizes which can be selected depending on how much resistance you require. The inch measurement below is based on measuring the width of the hip circle when it is lay flat on the ground. Both sizes are 3” in height.

  • Medium (13”)
  • Large (15”)

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