Buying Guide: Weight Lifting Wrist Straps Review

First Physique has recently launched a range of weight lifting straps and wraps. In this section we will review what you need to look for when buying a quality weight lifting strap. 

Weight Lifting Straps vs Wraps? 

First it is important to understand there are different types of types of weight lifting straps and wraps for your wrist which some people get confused between. Weight lifting straps are used to improve performance by enhancing your grip for exercises such as deadlifts. Wrist wraps are often made of elasticated material (often with thumb loops) and wound tightly round your wrist to provide support for pushing exercises such as bench or shoulder press. They are often used in CrossFit for WOD exercises.

How to use a Weight Lifting Strap

The weight lifting strap is designed to be wrapped round your wrist and then the long strap section around the bar. It is important the strap is wrapped tightly round the bar and then gripped securely before any lifts are started.

Weight Lifting Strap Benefits

The benefit of a weight lifting strap include supporting your grip when this naturally starts to fail enabling the completion of additional reps with your specific exercise. Straps are often used for deadlifts per above which relies heavily on your grip on the bar to execute the reps. Please note weight lifting straps are not designed to replace the need to build grip strength.

Weight Lifting Strap Material

Typically weight lifting straps are made from cotton or leather material. First Physique uses cotton material for comfort and strength with reinforced stitching to ensure support with heavier lifting.

What exercises can you use a Weight Lifting Strap for?

Weight Lifting wrist straps can and are often used with pulling exercises for example deadlifts but also shrugs, pull-ups or seated rows.

Should I buy a weight lifting strap with padding or not?

This is a question of preference some people just prefer them without but often the padding can cushion the strain on the top of the hand from heavier lifts.

First Physique has launched two sizes of weight lifting wrist strap 23” and 25”, the latter being one of the longest wraps on the market to enable more wraps round the bar and hence grip.