IGNITE Series Instructor Course

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Become an IGNITE Fitness Instructor

Choose from 7 fitness class programmes to get your gym and fitness family focused on achieving meaningful change and results, no matter their goal.

Our IGNITE Instructor Course programme, set over a weekend, is a total solution to group exercise. It’s functional, it’s varied, it encompassed many facets of fitness and it’s progressive and results driven. Want to get fitter? Want to improve flexibility? Want to burn fat quicker? Want to get stronger? This programme has it all. 

You'll gain expertise in all 6 of our amazing 30-minute IGNITE group exercise workout programmes as well as our 7th, 45-minute, Signature HIIT workout, IGNITE & Burn.

Find out more about each IGNITE fitness class programme:


What does the course entail?

Our 2 day workshop will teach you the fundamentals of function and how to apply it to groups. You’ll learn to programme safe, effective and motivating HIIT sessions that demand results. 

You’ll gain background knowledge & practical application in each one of the Ignite elements along with the best equipment for your budget and brand. You’ll understand the concept of group exercise, list the benefits, the potential pitfalls and how create strategies for how to avoid them.

It’s a perfect blend of theory and practical so bring a towel, perhaps a change of clothes and be prepared to sweat!


What level of qualification do I need to book on?
You need a Level 2 gym instructor to book on to the IGNITE Instructor Course

How much time do I need to give to complete the course?

Pre-course Learning: 4 hours

Day 1 Live workshop: 8 hours (09:00 - 17:00)

Day 2 Live workshop: 8 hours (09:00 - 17:00)

What assessments will I do?                    

Theory: 40 Multiple Choice Questions with an 80% Pass Mark

Practical: Successful Planning & Delivery of Ignite Session.

How many REPS/CIMSPA points will I receive? 

20 points

Post course, how do I buy the licences to run the IGNITE programmes?

Choose to offer the full suite of fitness classes, or specialise in those that suit your gym's customers and their lifestyles. Each IGNITE programme requires the instructor to purchase an annual subscription (£120). IGNITE & Swing and IGNITE & Strike also require additional qualifications.

To purchase your licences, visit IGNITE & PumpIGNITE & SwingIGNITE & StrikeIGNITE & LiftIGNITE & MoveIGNITE & Stretch and IGNITE & Burn 

For more information, email sales@jordanfitness.co.uk