Portable Power Jumper Tactical & Extra Cables

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  • Avg. vertical jump increase is 10 inches in 90 days
  • Avg. broad jump increase is 12 inches in 90 days
  • Use during live drills - indoor and out
  • Heavy full body resistance while promoting safe landings


  • Two 5 ft. cables (18kg. peak resistance each) with padding
  • Two foot stirrups with 3-in-1 cable pockets

Whether you're looking to increase your vertical jump or gain speed, agility and power, the Portable Power Jumper is a great tool. The Power Jumper is unlike any other platform or weight-based jump trainers because it doesn't increase strain and damage to your knees, and it is portable - allowing you to train anywhere and incorporate agility and handeye drills into your training program.

In Monkey Bar Gym's summer basketball training camps, the Portable Power Jumper and "2-1-None" drill add an average of 8" to participants vertical jump and 12" to their broad jump. These results are unprecedented, easily duplicated and utilize a very simple program.