Side Stepper™

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Product Information

  • Ankle cuffs connected by adjustable latex resistance cord.
  • Improve multi-directional foot and leg speed, power and quickness.
  • Innovative and uniquely adjustable to allow increase or decrease of resistance in a flash
  • Ideal for the development of lateral and vertical explosive speed and acceleration
  • Utilise in squad workouts, player physiotherapy, circuit training and recreational fitness training
  • Delivers multi-positional resistance
  • Incorporates patented Flexi-Cord™ resistance technology, only found in SAQ Equipment™
  • Fully adjustable and padded ankle cuffs secure the Flexi-Cord™ between the ankles or knees.
  • Pair of fully adjustable, padded ankle cuffs with Flexi-Cord™ and adjustable connection sockets
  • Flexi-Cord™ features only latex surgical tubing
  • Double stitched with anti-rot twine
  • All weather attachment points