Super Heavy Duty Weight Lifting Gym Wrist Wraps

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First Physique launches the 2018 super heavy wrist wrap (sold as a pair) in two sizes; 12 and 24 inches designed for men and women. These are the second wrist wraps we have launched. These wraps offer more rigid support than the Heavy Duty Wrist Wrap also new for 2018. Ideal for bodybuilding, powerlifting, crossfit or strongman. These gym wraps include a quick access elasticated thumb loop.

Extra Wrist Support - These wraps are super strong so will provide the extra wrist support needed to power the top lifts. Wrist weakness is often a limiter for athletes pushing themselves to the next level. This heavy wrist wrap removes that barrier.

Rigid but elasticated wrap - These super heavy wrist wraps are ideal for gym users who require more rigid but elasticated support. 

Enhanced Stitching and Velcro - we have included double stitching to avoid the ripping seen with inferior products. These wraps incorporate extended velcro section to ensure the wraps stay closed during those tough workouts.

Get the Right Size – We offer two sizes to allow flexibility for wrist size and length required to increase grip.

  • Small – 12 inches
  • Large - 24 inches 

Shipping - shipping to UK postal addresses is £4.99. Estimated delivery time is 3 working days. Express shipping options available.