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Time is precious, and recovery can always be faster, thus, let's get Transdermal…

TDT at it’s core is a company that focuses on performance and recovery enhancement. Oral supplementation can be ineffective with certain nutrients due to absorption time and competition for absorption in the gut, thus some nutrients can be impaired and absorbed non optimally. Oral supplementation also has a non localised effect, and especially in the world of recovery, localised recovery can be highly beneficial (think of your legs the day after leg focused training). 

You may already use a cup of coffee or a stimulant drink to aid in performance, well we have created something potentially more effective and faster acting for you to use. You may currently use ZMA or similar magnesium and zinc based products to improve your recovery rate and quality of sleep, but we have gone one step further.

We are a group of high performing individuals that can now train more effectively, with less overall stress, recover faster, and do it all again the next day feeling fresh with much less DOMS. This is all thanks to applying nutrition to the skin. 

What are you waiting for? Delve into a Transdermal world…


TDT Recovery Spray

Recovery Spray was developed to increase the rate at which muscle tissue can recover from exercise or intensive training. Do you get sore muscles, aka DOMS, after exercise or training? Ever get the feeling that your muscles are not fully rested from training? Lack muscular performance and energy the day after training? Need to train twice in the same day both to maximum effort? Then recovery spray could be perfect for you in supporting your training.

  • Aid the recovery process
  • Tackle DOMS head on in a localised fashion
  • Could aid sleep due to magnesiums relaxing effect on the body
  • Contains essential nutrients for the ATP energy cycle
  • Just like oral ZMA, but applied via the skin


TDT Performance Spray

It's time to get the most out of your training and push your body where it needs to go. It's time to do away with traditional mass market 'pre workout' products and slow acting, often bad tasting coffee. With no sugars or sweeteners, preservatives, colours, flavourings and other agents potentially problematic to optimal human health, Performance Spray is the perfect choice for dedicated trainers looking to increase performance. 

  • Absorbed within 5-15 minutes unlike oral drinks which can take up to 60 minutes to reach peak concentration in the blood
  • Could increase strength, stamina and endurance capacity greater than oral caffeine
  • Could increase fat utilisation during training
  • Easy and convenient to use, just rub it on your hands
  • No sugars, preservatives, or any unnatural ingredients


Look out for a TDT Recommended sticker on products we recommend you use this product with.



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